about us

We are a non-profit group of over 50 veterans, retirees, and concerned American and Canadian citizens, who want to help our Afghan partners keep the freedoms we helped create for them over the last 20 years.


There are so many dedicated groups working to rescue the remaining American citizens and our Afghan partner forces, who were critical to our operational progress over the last 20 years. Groups like #digitaldunkirk, #alliedairlift21, #nooneleftbehind and many, many more veteran-run organizations are doing incredible work to assist those AMCITS and SIV-eligible Afghan citizens, and we applaud, support, and echo them in this important work!


As an organization founded by Afghan-Americans and female veterans, we understand the gravity of the Taliban takeover for the people of Afghanistan, especially women, left to suffer under an extremist ideology. The Taliban opposes women in leadership, education, politics, sports, and secular society. Now these women are in extreme danger, and many of them do not qualify for US-government assistance programs, like Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) benefits. S3i recognizes these are the people in the most need of our help. 


Leveraging years of cumulative military, logistics, and operational experience, S3i is partnered with the Global Water Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and Coastal Defense, Inc. (CDI) to offer end-to-end support for the rescue and resettlement of these at-risk populations. We are also coordinating with several other established resettlement and refugee non-profit organizations to amplify the options available to those we assist in evacuating.

our three pillars

Our mission rests on three pillars: SAVE - SETTLE - SUPPORT


Our first pillar, SAVE, involves procuring transportation for evacuees, so they can reach safe airports or borders. Once travel is arranged, we provide visa processing assistance and access to applicable fees to help refugees enter neighboring countries. We also attempt to provide lodging, food, and supplies during the initial evacuation phase.


Our second pillar, SETTLE, requires significant expenses, as we provide chartered or commercial air travel to take these individuals to their new, safe homes.


Our third and enduring pillar, SUPPORT, involves a long-term commitment to these women, individuals, and families as they resettle in new communities. 

We need your support to help bring our Afghan partners to new homes, so they may live their lives to the fullest, with the freedom to go where they want, do what they want, and be who they want.


Please donate or consider volunteering to join our team!

Contact us at info@savesettlesupport.org for more information.  Note, this email address is not used for refugee assistance requests.

non-profit partners

We are honored to partner with the Global Water Foundation, Inc. and Johan Kriek as our fiscal sponsor to support our efforts to aid the people of Afghanistan in this time of crisis.

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