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​We are building a team of donors, volunteers, and partner organizations to amplify the resources available to our beneficiaries.  These connections will enable us to reach out to this network when a need arises.  If you would like to become a part of this network, as a supplies donor or partner organization to support refugee families, please complete the appropriate form button above so we can add you to our contact list.  Types of services we are currently looking to connect beneficiaries with include:

  • Immigration support

  • Job placement support

  • Housing support

  • Transportation support

  • Translation support

  • School enrollment support

​We are actively seeking volunteers to join our team. The following roles are vacant and your help is welcome:

  • Team Leader: Resettlement and Support Partner Networks

  • Data Scientists & Data Entry Techs to serve as tech support for our 10K+ database

  • Chief of Staff/Executive Assistant

  • Immigration paperwork assistants

  • Fundraising Campaign Management

  • Team Leader:  Communications and Marketing

  • Social Media managers:  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

​Your tax-deductible donations, supported by our non-profit fiscal sponsor the Global Water Foundation (GWF), are currently supporting efforts in each of our three pillars including...



This funding supports Afghan internally displaced persons and families in hiding to remain in safe houses and provides for basic necessities.  Additionally, funding for visas and transportation to evacuate to adjacent countries.



This funding provides for immigration support and transportation to resettlement locations.  Additional funding provides for toiletries, clothing, school supplies, and cultural training for refugees awaiting immigration paperwork.



We are preparing systems where individuals, families, and partner organizations in the United States can support families throughout the process.  Most importantly, we want to help refugees with basic needs and to become self-sufficient as they reintegrate.

If you have questions about donating and how your donations are spent, please contact for more information.  Note, this email address is not used for refugee assistance requests.